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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finally Back!

Hi everyone! It's really good to be back here!! I can't wait to come by and visit with you all. It's been a long Winter and I really can't wait for the Spring to finally come. Mom's had a long and busy winter too and I'm sure glad she's finally able to actually sit and spend some time visiting on here. Dad was sick for a while and was in the hospital for a couple of months but he's on his way to getting better and is doing much better every day.

Mom did take some new pics of me around the holidays....I hope everyone got some great toys this year! But I truly cannot wait for some warmer weather. I love to sit by those big glass doors that go onto the balcony when the sun shines through first thing in the morning. It's my favorite spot in the house! Anyway, I think it's time I do a little catching up and see what everyone's been up to. Mom says she's going to try and keep up on here a a couple of time a week and I cant wait! Hope you all have a wonderful day and see you soon!!!