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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not feeling so good today...

I heard mom tell dad today that my eye was watering and the lid looked a tiny bit swollen.  It has been a little itchy but I think it's just allergies to something.  That's what she told dad anyway.  I did sleep a little more than usual.   The good part about today was that mom made my favorite meal!  She had the day off and for dinner she made a salmon & tuna pasta salad.  She loves to use shells.  Now I really don't eat table food...she only feeds me dry but when she makes tuna and salmon pasta, oh boy, she saves me a little of the fish for me!  It's really simple to's the recipe from what I can tell:

Boil shell pasta and in a separate bowl.
Mix a little olive oil with red pepper flakes, fresh crushed garlic, celery, a little vinegar, & olives together and when the pasta is "al dente", mix it all together and let cool.
In a separate bowl she mixes the tuna and salmon with a little mayo.
Once the pasta is cooled she mixes everything together and the meal is done.  Oh does it smell good!


  1. Poppy Q told us about you. We hope you feel better. It is not fun to not feel good.

  2. Awww, thank you....I'm feeling better now and mom says my eye has cleared up. She thinks it's just allergies:)