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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Stories

Nothing much happened today except for mom having to work all weekend. Thank goodness dad was home to keep me company. While dad was on the computer he came upon some pictures of me when mom took me to get shaved at the beginning of summer. So I started thinking back to those memories and how scared I was when she brought me to the groomers...yikes!

I can't believe she actually brought her camera with her and was taking pictures while I was being tortured! I did hear the nice lady tell mom that I was very good through the whole thing...didn't she realize just how scared I was??? I think my look says it all. Why would I want to disobey what she was telling me to do while those scissors were so close to me??

When she finally got me home all bathed and shaved I ran right in to daddy and started playing...oh I was so happy to be home!
Oh it was soooo good to finally feel cool! I was really dragging for those first couple of weeks of warm weather. I overheard mom tell dad that I was sluggish and uncomfortable with all that hair. She was right. I know some of my friends with long hair don't like it to be shaved but I happen to really love it. My hair grows back by October and I feel warm when it gets cold.

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  1. Misty, you were such a good girl to put up with all that shaving! Did you not even have one tiny hissy-fit?! You're such a sweetie, and I don't know if I like you better shaved or unshaved - you're so pretty either way!

  2. Woah Misty, we're so glad we have short furs and don't have to go through that every summer. You must be very brave!

  3. Uh oh, Mommy is getting ideas...Misty, we think Johnny's furz may be in danger next spring!

  4. Poor little you :(

    I have been thinking of getting Tarmal clipped this summer, however, I don't think he will be as good as you!

  5. Misty, we think your haircut looks very nice, and we can see how it you would feel so much cooler during the summer months! We are glad it grows back for when the weather turns cooler, though. :)

  6. My goodness - you were very brave to go thru with all that!!!!!! We would have ripped that human to shreds!

  7. I just read about your blog on Poppy Q's, so I thought I'd say 'hello'. Misty looks a whole new cat with a haircut. I'll bet she feels great!

  8. You look so soft and sleek after your shave.

  9. That must have been a scarry adventure, Misty.

    The good noos is that you're cool after that, and you don't have to worry about swallowing all that long hair as you shed.

    You look good with short hair.