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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pleased to meet you!

  • Ahhhh...finally a place where I can talk my feline gab and people are listening. Mom got smart, (took her a while), and created this whole blog just for me!!
    I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. I really don't remember where I was born except it was in New England. I think I was born outside and some kind lady found me and took me in. She was very responsible and made sure I was neutered. She had to give me up before I was one yr old because she had to move. I sure missed her but she made sure I would be taken care of. The student she gave me to loved kitties and gave me a good home while at college but when he graduated he had to leave me here in New England. His room mate and wife took care of me after he left but they had another cat....OhhhhNooooo.... I'd like to think I get along with my fellow felines but when you combine a 12 year old cat with 3 children under 6 in one household, I guess I got a little testy. They fed me and kept me warm but could tell I wasn't really happy since I kept hiding under things to get away from all the noise. I really just wanted a quiet mom and dad who would love and pay attention to me and only me. That doesn't sound too selfish, does it?

    Little did I know it at the time, but my "then" mom and dad decided to try and give me away. They took an ad out in the local craigslist and took a picture of me to post it. It didn't take long for someone to come and see me. "I WAS WANTED"!!! I tried to play hard to get when I saw these two strangers come into the house. This new lady tried to pick me up and talk to me but I was very evasive...THEN, she spoke to me! I mean REALLY spoke to me. She looked me in the eyes and meowed....that really broke my heart. I let her come to me and pick me up....she petted and kissed me with many kisses on my head & I fell in love! I guess she heard me

    So this is where I am in New Hampshire in a very high apartment. They won't let me go outside but I do have a very nice view of the river and woods outside my balcony. I have free roam of the house since there are no other animals and I get full attention from my new mom and dad. What more could I want???? Well I guess I'll have to tell you that in my next says it's too late and I can see she's getting tired. Guess I'll go and sip some water and wait for her to lay dow. She sure is warm on a cold October

    Oh, by the way, this picture she posted of me in the Yankee hat is totally me! Since mom loves the NY Yankees, so do I and I let her take a few shots with her hat on me. I must say, I do look good in a cap;)

    Goodnight and sweet dreams fellow felines,,,To be continued soon:))


  1. Hello Misty, Poppy Q told us to come visit (and we do what we are told!)
    You are very beautiful and I'm so glad you found a lovely place to live, and people who love you.

  2. Very nice blog, Misty. You are a lovely kitty. :-)

  3. Thanks so much Janet, Kat, & gang! I really appreciate you coming by to visit:)))